For centuries mushrooms were not only renowned for their miraculous healing properties, they were staples in the medical community across the globe. In this age of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals it’s easy to forget our roots. While humanity has made dramatic leaps in the fields of medicine and life extension, the Earth provides us with many all-natural medicines. This is why Original Fungi Healing™ was born. To bring the healing powers of the natural world back to the people.

Psilocybin leads the charge forward, lending not only it’s psychoactive properties to the user, but also it’s immense physical and mental healing abilities. Psilocybin is the main ingredient in all of our blends and can be used to battle even the most debilitating ailments that plague our society today.

Each blend has been formulated using Psilocybin along with complimentary herbs and mushrooms. Try them all or mix and match! Each component was hand selected and rigorously tested for maximum results.

Experience the power of Original Fungi Healing™.
Original Fungi Healing™ offers a complete suite of daily micro-dose blends to fit every lifestyle. Unlock the massive power of Psilocybin when combined with potent medicinal mushrooms and herbs. Each blend has been formulated and tested for maximum results that you will notice as soon as the first dose.

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